Will Coors Light Save My Soul?

I know that’s a terrible headline but I’m from Golden, Colorado where Coors Light, The Silver Bullet, is made and I drank my fair share of it back in the day so forgive me for the poor humor.

When I used to work in marketing my boss would always tell me that there’s no silver bullet for success. He would instead have us focus on multiple different tactics to reach consumers, sell products and gain profit for the company. Our marketing plans included numerous different strategies to tell our brand story and interact with our target market.

I’ve been thinking of his words a lot lately as it relates to parenting and how there’s no silver bullet for raising happy, kind, respectful children. So instead I’ve armed myself with many different tools to pull out when I need to communicate right and wrong with my little ones.

Which then got me thinking about how there’s no silver bullet for happiness. Like those people who win millions of dollars in the lottery and are still miserable. Or the person who has found the love of their life but still feel empty inside. Or the person who has landed their dream job but is overweight and sleep deprived.

Just like with success in parenting and marketing, success in happiness and life is found through various different means. For me, I feel happiest when I have the time to check in with myself and see what’s going on with my feelings and emotions. When I’m behaving in a way that’s true to my values and authentic self. When I’m being active, preferably in nature. When I’m spending time with my favorite people. When I can be creative and use my brain. When I make the effort to learn more about myself and the world around me. When I have enough money to feel secure. When I listen to music and when I drink a super-hot cup of coffee.

The tools needed to be happy with ourselves take time to learn and perfect and really never stop evolving. So quit looking for the silver bullet that will solve all your problems and make you endlessly joyful. It doesn’t exist. However, through self-awareness and mindfulness we can learn what combination of internal and external factors will bring fulfillment and meaning to our world.

What factors are needed in your life to make you happy? Or if you’ve found the silver bullet to happiness please do tell!!

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