What does your social media style say about you?

Do you have major FOMO? Do you get sweaty palms and a nervous feeling when you check your social media feed? If you answered yes than you are definitely suffering from a social media hangover.

Do you use social media as a way to escape from daily life? Do you stretch the truth in your posts to make your life appear ENVY worthy? Yep, you’ve had a few too many benders.

But don’t worry, we all do it. And people that claim they don’t are typically full of it. There are three levels of social media ADDICTION. Which level are you at?

The world of social media has IMPROVED our lives in many ways. We can stay connected to old friends, look people up that we want to reach out to, be informed on various topics and share updates from our lives instantly.

Where we start to overuse social media and become dependent is when we are more comfortable communicating and connecting online than in real life. Or our self-worth comes from the amount of likes and comments we get per post.

You must not take your scrolling too seriously and know that EVERYONE experiences the same challenges and struggles as you in their day-to-day. Even if they’re not sharing it online.

This quiz is meant to be FUN and help you start becoming more aware of the emotions and feelings that come up for you as you scroll and post. If you are constantly getting worked up or feeling down after looking at social media than it’s time to change your behavior.

Become intentional with your posts and the photos and words you use, stop oversharing. Be deliberate as you limit the number of times you check your phone per day and DECREASE the amount of posts you publish.

Use social media as a tool for JOY, compassion and connection, not a means to create more self-doubt and shame.

It’s exhausting to try and keep up with your online persona, try instead to remember what excites you in the REAL world. Your relationships, career, finances, happiness and overall health will flourish if you can decrease your screen time.

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