To stay or to leave?

Moving from Colorado to Oregon three years ago has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I’ve loved the challenge of having to find a new grocery store, bank, dentist, doctor, post office, etc. Exploring all of the trails in the area and learning more about the surrounding wilderness has been exhilarating. And of course, trying out all of the local restaurants, coffee shops and wineries has been the best part.

It’s also been wonderful meeting new, likeminded people and making great friends. Especially at this stage in life when friends are harder to come by. I’ve enjoyed the adventure and have had to really put myself out there and leave my comfort zone in many ways. I’ve grown more into the person I’ve always wanted to be and I feel so at peace living in such an amazing place.

The interesting thing is that recently I’ve been feeling more homesick than I have over the past three years. I think I was sort of on a high from the excitement of a new place and that feeling is slowly wearing off as my daily life in Hood River feels more normal and even monotonous at times. So being the over thinker/over analyzer that I am, I ‘ve been really trying to understand these emotions.

Are we as humans meant to stay close to our roots where we were born and raised? Is the point of life to be close to family and nurture those relationships closely over a lifetime? I don’t know!

Both my parents and my husband’s parents have lived away from their immediate families most of their adult lives so that seems perfectly acceptable to me. But now as I’m experiencing it for myself I wonder if I’m missing the point of family, love, life and relationships. There is something to be said for familiarity but do you ever really grow if you don’t try something new? So many questions I can’t seem to find the right answer for.

Yet, I know that I’m really thriving being away from home and focusing on my growing family. We won’t be moving back to CO anytime soon because we love where we currently live so much and there’s still more to experience. I’d even like to try living in a few other States but I can’t help but ponder…does the heart yearn to be close to where it originated?

Tell me… do you live in your hometown or have you ventured? How does it feel? Comment below.

4 thoughts on “To stay or to leave?”

  1. Hi Carly,
    First of all how exciting for you to welcome your new baby boy! It’s so nice to have a girl and a boy you will see how different they can be and so wonderful!
    Enjoy reading your blog!
    I’ve never ventured very far from home. I grew up in a great beach town
    ( Manhattan Beach) though was much less crowded and less developed than it is now but love it. When I met my husband he lived in San Diego county but he was from the same town I grew up in and we love many of the same things of course he’s been a surfer for 40 years! We both don’t think we could ever live away from the ocean. I’ve always lived close to my parents which makes holidays nice I miss my sister who lives in Texas and she’s had many regrets living away from the family. I look forward to always be close to my kids the future is unknown right now since they haven’t settled down yet so we will see what happens. I think it’s normal to be feeling the way that you are with little ones here! Best wishes to you give my love to Andy and the kiddos

    1. Thank you Sherry! I love Manhattan Beach, my grandpa lived there when I was growing up. I would never leave Southern California either, I would love to live there someday! Thanks for sharing more of your story, it’s great getting to know you better. Enjoy the ocean for me!

  2. Hey lady! Youre awesome and I love how you blog. I obviously do not live where I grew up and since I have moved here back in August it has been such a journey for me. Even though its not a long time in the big picture I find myself missing home and missing friends often. Venturing out here has been one of the best experiences! Some days I want to fly back and others I couldnt love life more. I ask myself the same question all the time. Should I have stayed where I grew up and where my family is? Or is it better for me to have left and branched out? I had a rocky childhood and leaving those people that caused the pain was definetely a good start but I too wonder all the time about it.

    1. Thanks Ally! You’re so brave to move so far away from everything you know. I’m glad you have family here and that you are enjoying it. I totally understand how hard it can be missing home and friends. You’re always welcome at our house if you’re feeling lonely!

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