Exploratory Session


Book your Exploratory Session now and together we’ll…

  • Reveal the top reasons you continue to live a life of conformity
  • Identify your inner COMPASS and let it guide you
  • Redefine your beliefs and understand why they’re ever evolving
  • Learn 3 PROVEN ways to stay committed to a meaningful life

Each session is 2 hours via phone or Skype. Once you pay for your session we’ll email you to schedule a time for your call with Carly.


Checking in with your feelings, emotions and motivators is starting to become more NATURAL. You like the breakthrough moments you are enjoying when you pause and become more aware of your actions.

You know you’re READY to make changes and finally stop creating the same toxic environment for yourself. But every time you try it seems as though you’re not really getting anywhere and you still feel lost. The disappointment makes you more complacent and you’re ready to give in.

You can quit now but you’ll still have that uncomfortable feeling following you around. That feeling that knows there is a happier, more authentic and content version of you waiting to step forward. Let me help you DISCOVER that person and find the courage to finally let her lead.

(If you’re not satisfied with the help you receive we’ll refund you the full $119.99. No questions asked.)

Let’s dig in together!