Peeping through windows

Have you ever walked by a stranger’s house on a cold, wintry night and caught a glimpse through their window? Maybe you saw a beautiful family sitting around the dinner table sharing a delicious meal and laughing together while the fireplace roared. And in that moment you assumed that these people had everything going for them and were a true portrait of happiness and love. This image may last with you for the rest of your life as a representation of what it looks like to have it all. Or maybe just that quick moment of seeing others looking joyful made you feel bad about your own life situation.

We all do this numerous times a day, especially in the age of social media. We constantly are comparing ourselves and sizing up our peers. We think that just because someone owns a fancy car or has expensive taste in clothing that they’re financially in a better place than us. Or we assume that because a person only shows the most romantic, exciting moments of their relationship on Facebook that they must be in a perfect marriage. Sometimes we even accuse people that do seemingly have it all as never having a bad day or experiencing challenges in their lives.

The truth is, that every single one of us has our insecurities, doubts, hardships, secrets, anxieties, concerns, demons, pasts, failures and worries. It’s totally unfair to assume that someone is better off then you in any way without really knowing what’s going on in every aspect of their lives. It’s even more unfair to judge someone based on one small glimpse you caught into their everyday. Without having the whole picture you can never really know what a person has gone through to get where they are or what battles they’re currently facing. And you most certainly don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s head or heart without asking.

Let’s all try to take what we see on social media or through a window with a little more light-heartedness and not make assumptions based on a few pieces of information. If you’re interested or concerned about what someone has going on reach out and have a real conversation before jumping to conclusions. Furthermore, do not let other people’s scenarios change the way you perceive or feel about yourself. We are all on our own journey and instead of breaking each other down let’s lift each other up knowing that life is hard for everyone.

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