I’m OUT!

As I head out on maternity leave for the next few months I’m nervous and excited about the changes coming on a personal and professional level.

Most of you parents out there would agree, having an infant is no easy feat. The love, joy, cuteness and cuddles that a new baby brings are amazing. Yet, the sleep deprivation, constant nursing and anxiety can be very overwhelming. Not to mention the recovery time for momma.

My typical mindset is to rush through these first few months to get to a place where there is less chaos and more routine. I’m itching to push myself to get back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level and go go go mode to feel like my normal self again.

But I’ve decided to try and take a different approach and honor the time my body needs to fully recover and not force it to happen too quickly. I’m going to embrace the new me that emerges after birth and becoming a mother for the second time. I’m going to exercise and eat in ways that nourish my body so that I can heal and feed my baby.

And more than anything I’m going to rest and take it very slow knowing that this is just a season in life. One to be remembered and savored because it’s so fleeting and precious.

Allowing myself to let the process unfold on its own without my expectations and/or demands feels so right and peaceful. I’ve realized that there is no returning to the old me, rather an invitation to welcome the new me. I don’t know who this new me will be or how the birth and integration of this little being will shape me but I’m ready to accept whatever comes my way. Even celebrate it!

This applies to my business and career as well. I’m afraid that stepping away from the day-to-day duties and upkeep of The Sideways Approach is going to diminish the momentum I’ve recently built up. However, I’m telling myself that taking a break will fuel new ideas and make room for improvement. This next chapter in my personal life might even create a different perspective for me to share.

Although I feel that it’s imperative to only focus on my family for the next few months and not be pre-occupied with work I’ll miss the connection of our community.

I’ve pre-written a few emails and blog posts that will go out periodically to stay in touch and I’ll continue to post on the Sideways IG and FB accounts so make sure to look for updates there. I’ve got some exciting challenges and programs planned for the summer when I’m ready to reengage and I’m so excited to work with you all again.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you! Are there are any specific topics you’d like me to write about or is there an aspect of self-awareness that you want to know more about? Please email me and share. I want to meet your specific needs so hearing from you and learning from you can only strengthen my ability to serve you. Please stay in touch and we’ll chat again soon!

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