I’m learning to be a little nicer

This work I’m always preaching about of being self-aware and introspective is not easy. It’s scary and hard and exhausting at times. Yet, it’s the only way to create true change because you cannot change that which you’re not aware of. Putting in the effort to understand yourself and how you operate in this world is so worth it.

BUT here’s the thing…you have to be nice to yourself in the process. Drudging up negative emotions and memories can make you feel icky. Sorting through your triggers and shortcomings is brutal. Trying to implement a new way of being and failing 100 times makes you want to give up. Which is completely natural, just don’t let it get the best of you.

Every time I have an uncomfortable interaction with someone I obsessively analyze why I’m so bothered. I badly want to place blame although I know the issue lies within me and I’m the one who needs a shift in perspective. I’ll spend hours beating myself up trying to understand how I can improve my thoughts and actions. This is intense work and I get fatigued by searching inward, especially when I can’t find a quick solution.

So in these moments I pause and tell myself, “You’re awesome, you’re doing a really good job or at least the best you can.” At the end of a long day with kids I’ll look in the mirror and say “good job mamma.” When I pedal my bike to the top of a steep hill I’ll silently congratulate myself. And when I’m mad at myself for how I dealt with a situation I try to remember that tomorrow is a new day and I’ll have another chance to get it right.

Allow there to be days where you put aside the soul searching and just let life flow. However, keep in mind if the same frustrating, heart wrenching, anger inducing situations keep popping up for you, it’s time to pay attention. They are happening to tell you something, so listen.

I’m here to listen too.

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