I got a concussion to impress a guy

I’m super excited to share with you the latest offerings from The Sideways Approach. I’ve been working hard to figure out how I can really HELP YOU create a life that feels good.

A life that is crafted to fit your unique desires, beliefs and expectations.

To me a life that feels good is a life full of meaning. This can look differently for different people. But for me a life of meaning involves making time for the things I value most, caring about other people and always looking for the lesson and GIFT in every situation.

It’s not about floating through life in a state of pure BLISS. It’s about finding peace within myself so that I can be calm, present, loving and courageous no matter what challenges, opportunities or SURPRISES life sends me.

What does a meaningful life look like to you?

I’ve shifted my previous focus away from a balanced approach to life where you must eat right, exercise enough, be more involved and find the ever elusive purpose and soulmate.

I’ve realized that striving for perfect balance can be exhausting and create even more burn out and stress.

What I’ve discovered is that you’ll find more happiness and growth by just becoming AWARE of the things you’re already doing on a daily basis. Learning to become self-aware by deconstructing your everyday habits will help you understand the “why” behind your actions.

If you can identify the motivator than you can decide if this is creating more WELLNESS or more dysfunction in your life. And you can decide to keep doing the action, modify it or stop doing it for good.

Your choices and actions will now support your values and your life will feel OH so good.

A perfect example of this is when I learned how to snowboard years ago. I worked so hard at it and suffered numerous falls and mild concussions. I battled the coldest conditions and icy slopes. I was determined to love snowboarding. And although I did enjoy it, the only reason I was trying so hard was to impress a boy.

This motivator was great because it pushed me to improve fast and embrace all of the challenges. However, I wasn’t being HONEST with myself or others about the driving force behind my new found love for snowboarding.

The identity as a snowboarder felt forced and inauthentic because my motivator was based on trying to get someone to notice me. And of course, my efforts never really impressed the boy and that relationship never went anywhere.

Fortunately, I continued to snowboard without that dude and my motivations changed to SUPPORT my values.

I now love snowboarding because I get to be OUTSIDE in the mountains enjoying nature. I get to take a break from the grind and let the fresh air and movement quiet my mind. I also get to share the experience with my friends and husband which is always an awesome time.

The best thing that has come from finding the right reasons behind my action is that my snowboarding has improved immensely and it now feels so much more natural and joyful.

The point of this long story is that there’s a reason behind everything we do and if left unexamined it can create negative results, anxiety and worse of all complacency. The more you know yourself, the more confidence and trust you’ll have that you’re making the right decisions in life.

You must do things that support what you truly value or you will continue to feel shame, guilt and unhappiness.

Have my ramblings left you curious to learn more? Great!

I’ve created a couple of exercises that will help you dissect your daily actions, that up until this point, have probably been on cruise control.

Check out this short, free QUIZ that prompts you to think about your social media habits and decide if you have an addiction to scrolling, swiping and liking.

Give the Reality Check worksheet a try and know instantly if your actions are moving you closer to what you truly desire in life. This exercise works on ANYTHING you are currently dealing with from big to small. Give it a try!

These activities are just a sampling of the type of content that I’ll be launching over the next few months. Please ENJOY the free downloads and if they’re helpful to you I’d love it if you would share them with your friends and family.

As a subscriber to The Sideways Approach you’ll receive exclusive emails from me twice a month sharing my most recent thoughts and adventures while searching for that MEANINGFUL life I so desire.

You’ll also get a first look into my new program launching later this year along with a few secret bonuses.

I’d love to hear what you think about the new website, the exercises, and the overall idea behind The Sideways Approach. Please leave a comment below or on Facebook or Instagram.

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