• Do you feel like you are doing it ALL but not really doing any of it WELL?
  • Does it seem like everyone else around you is doing a BETTER job at managing their life than YOU?
  • Are you not feeling as healthy, HAPPY or connected to others as you would like to?

Sounds like you need a GIRL’S uNITE! Join other women and spend an evening evaluating the different areas of your complex life. Chat about nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, CAREER, creativity, relationships and community. Invite all the women you know and enjoy meaningful conversation with your FRIENDS and realize that they are facing similar challenges as you.

CARLY MOORE from The Sideways Approach will facilitate the evening via webinar and share many personal growth TIPS and tricks. Receive thought-provoking exercises, a goal setting guide and a bonus gift.

End the evening feeling EXCITED about life again and ready to implement small, manageable changes to make every day filled with more energy, JOY and love. BE empowered by your friends and have more support than ever. CHEERS to a life well-lived! (wine and tea strongly encouraged)

Register HERE  for the GIRL’S uNITE webinar scheduled for July 13th at 5pm PST.

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