Flip-flops in January?

I used to really DESPISE winter. I don’t like being cold, I’m terrified to drive in snow and I could really do without darkness at 4pm. Yet, I’ve had a change of HEART and now I welcome winter and all that it brings.

I yearn to be cozied up on my couch under a blanket, I love watching the SNOW fall and I take joy in all the holiday festivities. Maybe this change has to do with getting older or becoming a mom. But…

I attribute my new fondness for the colder months to finally learning acceptance and tuning into nature’s rhythms. I’ve always lived in places that get very cold and wet in the winter so I don’t know what it’s like to experience warm temps year round. And unless I plan on moving I need to accept the fact that I will endure 6 or more months of jackets, gloves and beanies.

So instead of constantly bitching about the weather I’ve decided to instead EMBRACE it. The weather is not something I can change and it’s a total WASTE of time to be angry about winter. I can either accept it and try to find the GOOD parts or I can complain and be depressed for half the year or I can move somewhere tropical. Although the latter sounds dreamy it is NOT an option for me at this time (hopefully someday).

Just the mental shift of finally accepting what I have no control over helps me feel much more lighthearted about the change of seasons. And now I’m able to move from not just acceptance but also ENJOYMENT.

Snowboarding is and has been one of my favorite activities for a long time so finding a way to get more of that in my life helps pass the time. I’m also really EXCITED to teach my daughter how to ski and get her up on the mountain. And I’ve finally started dressing appropriately which (shockingly) makes the low temps more bearable, no more flip-flops in January. We’ve also decided to go somewhere warm every winter to get a little break and SUNSHINE in our lives. I’m finding ways to make this time of year FUN and tolerable.

More importantly, I’ve realized that my body needs to slow down and use these darker months to rejuvenate. If I follow the rhythms of NATURE and take cues from the seasons I can avoid burn out, fatigue and even illness.

Summer is always such a busy, CRAZY time and I spend every minute outside soaking up the sun and fun. By the time Fall comes around I notice that I’m ready for less activities, more indoor time and connection with my family.

I’ve been told many times, that for optimal health, we should eat foods that are currently in season. Therefore, in the summer I eat fruit, salads and lighter fare while in the colder months I crave hearty soups, breads and squashes. If my diet follows the SEASONS, then why shouldn’t my activities as well?

Not unlike the trees losing their leaves and the animals hibernating I tend to turn inward and slow down. My favorite holiday is New Year’s because for me it symbolizes a time to REFLECT on past adventures and DREAM about future endeavors. Checking in and assessing my current life and state of mind is so important to my overall well-being.

Although at times I experience boredom and LOW energy in the winter months, I know that it’s imperative for my healing and growth. Especially knowing that Spring is right around the corner and there will be a time to emerge and EXPAND.

So drink your hot cocoa, write in your journal, build a snowman and know that a more energetic time is coming. Most of all take CARE of yourself this holiday season and be grateful for time inside with LOVED ones eating delicious treats.

Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Flip-flops in January?”

  1. I loved this article – it really resonated with me as someone from a hot dry climate who now lives with 6 months of winter… However, the article was really difficult to get through with all your capitalized words. Sorry but that is really annoying, and it doesn’t look or sound professional. Please consider that while writing your next piece.

    1. Glad you like the article and it was relatable for you. Also, thank you for your suggestion with the formatting. I will definitely take that into consideration when writing the next blog. Super helpful feedback!

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