Playfully Experiment With Life

Challenge yourself to 120 days of discovering the foundations of balance and SHINE in all areas of your life. Commit to participating in daily challenges that will bring awareness to specific life foundations and determine if you are in need of better balance.

Each day you will be invited to indulge in FUN, simple and thought-provoking activities that will help you to try new things and take on a different perspective.

Use this book in whatever way you choose. Complete one challenge a day until you get through all 120. Or pick the challenges that are most appealing to you. Or vow to complete one challenge every week.

Assign a challenge to your sister, best friend or lover and GROW together. This is your challenge, get inspired!

The E-Book Includes

»» 120 individual challenges

»» Bonus tips to help you go further in your discovery

»» Overview of each foundation of balance

»» Easy to navigate format

Free e-book complete with 120 daily challenges,

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