Are You Still...

»» Putting off that decision?

»» Stalling on actually doing what needs to be done?

»» Letting your days cruise by on automatic?

»» Forcing yourself to think positive about shi*ty situations?

»» Trying new things but getting the same lame results?

You Need A Reality Check

You continue to convince yourself that you're doing the right, acceptable and responsible thing. And you keep living a life that pleases others but leaves you longing for more. Get out of your head and find the CLARITY you desire by becoming more self-aware and turning it into action.

Stop wasting your time and instead of worrying, losing sleep, coping or numbing out find the solution to your problems by understanding them first. Use the simple, 5 step Reality Check exercise to make the right choice every time, BREAK that habit for good and know you're on the right path. You’ll undoubtedly feel better and do the thing that is most aligned with what you really want.

Life’s scary when you no longer have parents, coaches or teachers telling you what to do, how to do it and in what time frame. No one is giving you an agenda or rulebook or syllabus.  You’re on your own and the freedom feels AMAZING. And totally terrifying.

Learn to be your own guide with the Reality Check worksheet. It’ll empower you to take responsibility, trust in yourself and no longer need outside validation. Use it as a compass to NAVIGATE the many different paths presented to you.

Check out these real life examples and see how it works.
Get inspired to try it yourself!


You want to be healthy, vibrant and strong. But are your behaviors truly supporting that or just creating more issues?

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Your job's important to you and you want to make a difference. But are you actually doing something that lights you up?

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You're ready to meet that special someone and have a committed relationship. But are you really looking in the right places?

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Make The Right Choice

What one thing would you like to EXAMINE right now so you can take action and know that you're most definitely creating the fulfilling life you desire?

Take 10 minutes to go through the steps and feel 100% more clear today. Here's what you need to know.

»» There are no right or wrong answers

»» There's no way to fill the worksheet out incorrectly

»» Have fun with it and keep it lighthearted

»» Use the worksheet over and over and over again

The purpose is to bring awareness to your behaviors, thoughts and motivations. You may just get a small glimpse of hope, or decide to go in a different direction or have a huge BREAKTHROUGH moment. At the very least you'll create space for personal analysis and take a break from the constant auto-pilot.

Let's Do This...

Download the Reality Check worksheet and use the directions below to fill it out. Keep the worksheet somewhere you can easily use it throughout the day to make quick decisions.

What's the ACTION, behavior, idea, thought, choice or habit you'd like to examine?
(*only one at a time)

Anything goes here -- serious, funny, risky, silly, indulgent, heroic, wild or important actions. Such as...

» Learning to rock climb                                     
» Giving up smoking                                            
» Asking for a promotion
» Writing a book
» Ending an unhealthy relationship
» Quitting sugar
» Buying a new car
» Starting a blog
» Cleaning out your garage
» Taking guitar lessons
» Waking up earlier
» Hosting a party
» Joining a book club
» Eating less red meat
» Running a marathon
» Adopting a dog
» Building a new house
» Running for City Council
» Zip-lining in Costa Rica
» Volunteering with the Peace Corps
» Staging an intervention
» Having another baby

What's the motivation behind this action? Put more simply, what's the REASON you're doing it?

(*this is typically the reason you would share with others)

Now DIG deeper and come up with 5 more possible motivators/reasons for this action. Think about...

» How would doing this make you feel?
» What would it do for you financially?
» How would it affect your health?
» Is there something else you're avoiding?
» How would it affect your relationships?
» What would other people think if they saw you doing this?
(*really try to think of 5, this stretches you and allows you to go deeper into your subconscious)

Great job! Now look at all the reasons you listed, including the original, and decide what the REAL motivation behind this action is.
» Get real. Be brutally honest.
» This is for your eyes only, no one has to know the truth but you.
» Sit with it, feel it, be brave. PAUSE.
» Which one gives you a little gut check when you read it?

(*this is typically not the reason you'd expect or the reason you'd like to admit to yourself or others)

Now that you've identified the real reason behind the action. How does this real reason make you feel?

» Does it make you feel sad, lonely, jealous, ANGRY, shameful?
» Or does it make you feel ALIVE, expansive, determined, excited?
» If you'd like to feel differently about the situation, how would you really like to feel?

Considering the real reason and how you'd really like to feel, decide if there are other ways to achieve this. Write down 4 DIFFERENT actions you could take to support your reason.

(*come up with actions that will create more happiness, joy and wellness and less dysfunction, doubt and drama)

» Which new action(s) feel like the best thing to do at this time?
» What feels in your HEART like the right thing, that you can easily commit to and stick with long term?
(*choosing the action that's best for you isn’t always the easiest…but worth it every time)

Now go back to the original action and decide if it's something you still want to do. If so, is there a way you could MODIFY it to feel more right for you? Maybe change the timing, or the process or the motivator.

(*if you now know this is not something you should start or continue doing then decide to stop doing it)

Write down 3 CONCRETE, measurable things you can do to follow through with your new action.

Think of a way that your new and/or modified action could possibly HELP someone else struggling with the same thing.


You've examined and uncovered the true reason why you do what you do. Now you're more AWARE of the motivation behind your actions and can change accordingly.

You're no longer making reactive decisions but instead you're intentionally taking action in a way that's right for you. You're one step closer to living a SATISFYING and meaningful life.

Use this method anytime you're frustrated, scared, confused or just curious about who you really are. Thanks for being BRAVE and taking the time for self-exploration.

Are You Stuck?

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Good for you!

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