When you take The Sideways Approach, everyday actions are turned into learning experiences.

Deep Exploration Begins

When you take The Sideways Approach, everyday actions are turned into learning experiences. Whether you're hiking, sending an email, cooking, CHATTING with a friend, checking your Facebook or planting your garden.

Tune into the emotions, feelings, THOUGHTS, physical sensations and memories that any small task evokes and start to understand yourself better. Begin to practice self-AWARENESS.

Overtime as you become more FAMILIAR with your automatic habits you can reduce the knee-jerk reactions. You'll be intentional with your actions. No more just doing what you've been CONDITIONED to do over the years.

For The Greater Good

You'll notice how your BELIEFS, thoughts and actions affect you, those closest to you and all people collectively. Learn to CARE about more than just your own needs and wants by cultivating a sincere concern for your character, the happiness of others and the health of the PLANET.

Decide to make a difference in your own life in order to create change in a bigger way. Take chances, stop looking for the easy route and learn through LIVING. Journeys inward are as important as outward adventures.

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True Balance Challenge

Commit to 120 daily challenges that will bring awareness to specific areas of your life. Each day you'll be invited to indulge in fun, simple and thought-provoking activities.

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Reality Check Worksheet

Take a closer look at your behaviors to know if you're on the right path and making supportive choices. Decide what you really want and how to get it with the free Reality Check worksheet.

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Social Media Detox

Are you suffering from a social media hangover? Find out what role social media plays in your life and how severe your addiction is. Learn the top three cures for a social media hangover.

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