Are you fooling yourself?

So you meditate, practice YOGA, drink green smoothies, read self-help books, burn sage, play with crystals and have tried Reiki. But does that really make you a spiritual person?

I’m NOT knocking these things because I participate in many of them myself. However, I’ve realized over the years that ALONE these things do not make you a BETTER, more compassionate, WHOLE person.

Sure, being in the quiet environment of a yoga studio can lower your STRESS level. Eating clean, healthy food can give you more ENERGY to engage in the activities you love. And reading books by WISE authors can open you up to new ideas. Yet, if you’re doing all of this and still yelling at your kids, letting road RAGE get the best of you or numbing out with work, booze, food and TV – then you’re missing the point.

I personally believe that in order to find more happiness and to LOVE the person you are and the life you live, then you must face yourself head-on.

You have to EXAMINE every aspect of your life; every thought, word, emotion and action. You need to understand why you act the way do, where your BELIEFS come from, what fears are holding you back and what baggage you’re carrying around. You have to be able to admit to yourself when you’re unhappy, itching for change, failing or disappointing yourself and others.

Take off the blinders and have a good HARD look at your life and where you want to go. The masks and identities continue to pile on over time as you add NEW jobs, relationships, hobbies and teachings to your life. Take a moment to pause and figure out if you like the person you’ve become or if you’re burdened and buried by all the things you’ve accumulated and the ROADS you’ve taken.

It’s important to make sure that you’re not just PLAYING the part of a wellness warrior on the path to enlightenment. Utilize the TOOLS of self-care and personal growth to enhance your experience and bond with other like-minded individuals. Just don’t believe the HYPE that an ayahuasca ceremony is going CURE all of your problems. Unless you do the dirty work of looking deep inside and getting intimate with your wounds to accompany these mindfulness practices.

The spiritual world (or whatever you want to call it) can be very inspiring and can also be full of many EGO traps that make you feel superior to others. Be aware of what works best for you on your journey of personal GROWTH and don’t just jump on the latest fad.

Find the COURAGE to look in the mirror and get to know yourself on a daily basis.

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