Am I raising the next Mariah Carey?

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve reached out. I’ve been deep in Filter Free Living, working with an AMAZING group. If you missed out this time around, don’t worry, a version of the program will be offered again in the new year.

I’ve also been busy with my full-time job as a MAMMA. It’s interesting, because although I spend 98% of my time being a parent, I never have any revelations or inspiring stories to share with you about it. Being a mom feels like such a natural part of who I am that I never dwell on my role. It’s truly the one area of my life that I don’t question whether or not I’m on the RIGHT path, if I’m doing it correctly, or if I need to get help. It just comes easily.

Now, I definitely am no expert on parenting, by any means. Nor do I have any advice to share about how to raise a child. I just know my little girl (Mahlia) and what works BEST for her and our family. You’ll never open one of these emails to find me offering up the latest and greatest mom gadgets or tips and tricks. NOT my gig or my place to be an authority.

However, I have lately started to notice how parenting has pushed me to GROW and ADAPT and be thrown out of my comfort zone. I was blessed with a sassy, strong willed child who’s not afraid to speak her mind and has the loudest scream you’ve ever, ever heard. As a flight attendant recently pointed out, “Mahlia can really hit the high notes like Mariah Carey!”

Whereas, according to my mom, I was a QUIET kid who played in my room by myself most of the time. And although I’ve gone through periods of my life where I was really obnoxious and loud (usually after quite a few drinks) I’m a fairly introverted person. Being the middle child, I’m really good at flying under the radar and not being seen. But now I have no CHOICE but to be out in the world, front and center with Mahlia, who will melt your heart one minute and break your ear drums the next.

She’s forcing me to no longer HIDE. I’m always right there to help her handle her big emotions and teach her how to express herself in appropriate ways. I can’t just run from the situation and abandon her because it’s at times hard and/or embarrassing. It’s important for me to not lose my patience with her when she is throwing a tantrum and the entire grocery store is staring at us. I CALMLY work it out with her. She is my priority and I really don’t care what other people think in those moments.

Although my husband and I, of course, think Mahlia is the sweetest, funniest, smartest most DARLING thing in the world she also has her moments of total drama. And I like to avoid drama. But I was given this little angel to bring me out of my shell and teach me unconditional LOVE and acceptance for her and myself.

I’m a huge believer that our children are our mirror and if we can consciously be in relationship with them we can LEARN so much about ourselves. I wasn’t given a child that’s just like me, otherwise I’d have nothing to learn. She’s here to teach me and show me where I need to grow. If I’m open to the lessons and able to see my own faults and weaknesses, then I’ll not only be a better person but a better mom as well.

Who in your life acts as a mirror to reflect back to you where you can make improvements? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Am I raising the next Mariah Carey?”

  1. Never thought of our kids personalities/behaviors as a lesson, not our mirror. I feel this could bring some understanding for me to those behaviors. Only parenting advice I will ever give and I actually have to remind my self every day is that babies/kids are humans, have feelings, opinions and needs help through them. Kudos to all parents, parenting is hard.

    1. Right, and those little humans have their own personalities that are not always aligned with how we think they should be. It’s a fine line between allowing them to be their authentic selves and making sure they are respectful humans. Amen to that, parenting is hard. And beautiful all at the same time.

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