Adrenaline Junkie

Have you ever thought about what you do in life that makes you feel the most alive? What makes you feel the most like yourself? Think about it and then do more of that one thing that connects you to your true self.

For me I feel most like myself when I’m out in nature. I would imagine that is probably true for most people on some level. Being among trees and fresh air and water is so rejuvenating and somewhat primal. We are meant to be outside enjoying the elements. If you’re able to turn off the thoughts in your head and be present with the sounds, smells and beauty all around you it can transform your mood instantly.

The other times I feel most alive is when I’m moving my body, preferably doing something that is adrenaline packed. Snowboarding, mountain biking and water sports are my favorite because not only am I using my body but I’m doing so in nature. Can’t say I get much of a thrill being on a treadmill in a gym. But hey, I’ll do anything to get my endorphins flowing. Even just being in my athletic gear makes me feel more like myself than wearing a fancy dress or jeans.

If getting cozy on the couch with a book awakens your spirit then do more of that. If hopping on an airplane to some foreign destination lights up your soul then do more of that. If cooking a big meal for family and friends brings you joy then do more of that.

Whatever you can spend more time doing that automatically connects you to your authentic self then the happier you will be. And if you don’t yet know what it is that makes you feel alive then I suggest you start searching.

Think back to a time that you were present, joyful, laughing, playing and truly enjoying yourself. What were you doing, who were you with, what were you wearing, what location were you at, what time of day was it, what was the weather like? Inspect the various details to find clues as to why that particular moment made you so happy…and DO MORE OF IT!!!

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