5 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

Life’s BUSY and often overwhelming. It’s hard to find time to get all the household chores complete, exercise, eat healthy, spend time with loved ones and work. Typically leaving no room for fun, relaxing, EDUCATIONAL and inspiring activities.

Yet, you yearn for more down time to INDULGE in things that make you the happiest like fishing, biking, painting, reading, baking and just being. So how do you squeeze more into your day without cutting out responsibilities?

Here are 5 simple ways to start simplifying your life TODAY!

1. Stop Buying Things
Things not only cost money which creates a strain on your bank account and causes financial anxiety, things also require maintenance. The more stuff you have the more time you spend fixing it, cleaning it and replacing it. Especially big ticket items like hot tubs, motorcycles, houses and others. So many people spend their weekends shuffling their STUFF around to make room for more that they never even enjoy what they have. Or they just continue to collect clutter and their living space becomes a shrine to forgotten CONSUMERISM. Buy things that will add to your well-being such as bicycles, garden tools, books and art supplies. Keep your items to a minimum and stop adding to the landfills.

2. Avoid Information Overload
These days every piece of information you could ever want is right at your fingertips as you SEARCH, scroll and swipe. Between your phone, tablet, laptop and smart TV you can be inundated with some form of communication all day long. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with it all. If you’re checking your social media when you first wake up, then catching the morning news, then listening to your favorite PODCAST on the way to work before you sit at your computer all day you might benefit from some time in silence. It’s hard to focus on your own output when you’re constantly getting input from other sources. Be extremely discerning with your media intake and consistently take breaks from all the NOISE.

3. Cut Out Toxic People
There is no bigger drain on your time and happiness than TOXIC people. They will suck the life out of you. If you are constantly showing up for people that don’t have enough respect to do the same for you it’s time to let them go. Some friendships can become very one-sided when a person takes, takes and takes without giving back. You’ll spend all your free time trying to make this person happy and you’ll never succeed. WASTING your precious minutes listening to the never ending drama will leave you feeling depleted. Cut out people that are adding more dysfunction to your life. Find like-minded people that are UPLIFTING and inspiring to spend more time with.

4. Keep Your Calendar Free
As enticing as it may be to say YES to every social invitation that comes your way it can be very freeing to have an open calendar. You’ll run yourself ragged if you’re booked daily with familial obligations, friend gatherings and the latest gallery opening. Sure it’s FUN to get out and about sometimes but if you’re gone all the time it loses its appeal really fast. Staying in and enjoying some alone time can be so rejuvenating. It’s necessary to refill your buckets before jam packing your schedule again. You don’t have to try every workout class offered or eat at every new restaurant in town or never miss a concert or movie.  Give yourself permission to slow down and just enjoy some time with no agenda.

5. Drive Less
Stop spending half your day in the car. When possible WALK or ride your bike and enjoy the benefits of exercise and fresh air. Make it a point to take one LESS trip a day in your car. Maybe that means finding a doctor and dentist that are closer by. Give your local shops business by staying close to town instead of doing errands all over the place. Drive time eats directly into minutes you could be spending outside, cooking, sleeping, reading, hiking, playing with your dog or significant other. Find more time in your day for the things you love to do and less time caught up in traffic. Spend less MONEY on gas and maintenance for your car and avoid the stresses of being on the road.

OR take five minutes now and read the latest Carve Your Own Path interview with creative mastermind Rebekah Steen from Goldfish Kiss. She reminds us to bring JOY to all things we do and to take life day by day. She has learned to simplify life over the years because of the many moves she has made around the country. Read more about her inspiring story HERE.

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