Find Out What You Want In Life...

By Getting To Know Yourself Better

You're ready for a life that not only looks good but also feels good. A life of real, deep, lasting fulfillment and satisfaction. You're ready to STOP comparing yourself and trying to keep up with appearances.

Sure, we're all guilty of showing only the most flattering aspects of ourselves. It's the world we live in. Though sometimes the DISCONNECT between what we put out there and how we're truly living can cause lots of shame and self-doubt.

Women supporting each other while navigating a meaningful life.

You're not alone

We all struggle to find our way and discover who we really are. Just know that where you're at on your path is PERFECT and you're definitely not behind, lacking, disappointing or missing out.

You’re finding your way, EXPLORING, taking your time and learning as you go. Seeking out guidance, encouragement and new perspectives along the way helps to accelerate your GROWTH and keep you on the right track.

Try A New Approach

The Sideways Approach encourages you to create a meaningful and fulfilling life through self-awareness, daily exploration and intentional action.

Start with the Reality Check, 5-step process, that TEACHES you to become aware of the reasons behind your actions.

You'll know instantly if your behaviors are in alignment with the life you want or keeping you stuck in the same meaningless place.

Taking in the views and dreaming of a meaningful life

Are You Ready?

The Sideways Approach is for you if...your life looks great on Instagram. You have the boyfriend, the cool (yet totally unfulfilling) job, the beautiful apartment and a full social life. But your day-to-day is lacking enthusiasm and excitement and you're exhausted from FORCING it to work.

Yes, your parents approve of your achievements, you're on par with your friends and you seem to have it all. Yet...
DEEP down, you know this is not the life for you.


Start living a meaningful life through self-exploration.

Stop Conforming

You want to contribute to the WORLD in a significant way that feels right to you.

It may not look like the traditional lifestyle EXPECTED of you. But you're BRAVE and ready to stop living a life of discomfort. You're ready to stop swiping and truly start living.

Do Something Significant

Discover and move towards what really LIGHTS you up. Do you want to travel more? Start your own business? Work remotely? Live at the beach? Move to another country? Work with your hands? Give more? CREATE more?

You don’t quite know yet but you're ready to start exploring different ways of living.

True Balance Challenge

Commit to 120 challenges that will bring awareness to specific areas of your life. Each day you'll be invited to indulge in fun, simple and thought-provoking activities.

Download Challenges

Reality Check Worksheet

Take a closer look at your behaviors to know if you're on the right path and making supportive choices. Decide what you really want and how to get it with the free Reality Check worksheet.

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Social Media Detox

Are you suffering from a social media hangover? Find out what role social media plays in your life and how severe your addiction is. Learn the top three cures for a social media hangover.

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